Southern Slurry & Micro Surfacing (SS&M) is owned and operated by Susan Hamilton.  At SS&M we offer various serviced that included but are not limited to:

  • Slurry Seal & Micro Surfacing
  • Rut filling and deep patching
  • Asphalt pavement and repairs
  • Roads and Parking Lots, Specializing in HOA Work
  • Concrete Curb, Gutter, Inlets, Slabs and all types of Repairs
  • Line Striping

We are pleased to announce that our firm is only a few Georgia based companies offering the above package of services.  Whether your a small strip mall or one of the largest cities or counties in Georgia, spend a few moments with us and we’ll show you how to save hundreds of thousands of dollars by preserving your pavement infrastructure.

Despite what your other contractors may tell you, Slurry and Micro Surfacings are used every day to preserve and extend the life of pavements all across the world.  Please take a moment to browse our website and contact us for a free consultation at glenn@southernslurry.com